Autumn 2019

[2019-11-05 10:03:15]

 Few new projects:

Quiz Show "Gra Muzyka" w TV Puls

Soundtrack for TV SERIES "Blondynka"

Premier Show of Musical  "Rock of Ages" at the  Teatrze Syrena

Rock of Ages

[2019-11-05 09:58:17]

Septemberh 14th, 2019

The premiere of ‘Rock of Ages’ at the Syrena Theater in Warsaw. More info can be found 

[2017-09-03 20:56:05]

Name That Tune(2017/18)

[2017-09-03 20:55:51]

 "Name that Tune" -  Quiz Show for Polish TV (with me as Music Director) has just started.Everyday on TVP1 6:55 PM (mon-sat),6:40 PM(Sun).

Enjoy !

"Two Crowns" - MUSIC

[2017-02-06 14:57:40]

In January 2017 I had completed the work on the music for the documentary film "Two Crowns" about the life of Father Kolbe. The music for films composed by Robert Janson. I took care of arranging orchestral material. Movie premiere in autumn 2017

Jesus Christ Superstar

[2016-03-11 11:51:00]

March 18th, 2016

The premiere of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ at the Rampa Theater in Warsaw. More info can be found here:

Autumn 2015

[2015-09-25 17:21:41]

After vacation, a lot of work:

- next season of TV Quiz Show: "Name that tune"

- CD production for polish Singer Majka Jezowska

- concerts

- orchestral arrangements for "Wiesbaden Night of Music 2015"



Holidays 2015

[2015-06-25 16:02:36]

After an intense artistic season 2014/2015, it's time to rest.(vacation) !!!

Irena Santor - New Album

[2014-06-30 21:26:23]

Working on Polish singing star Irena Santor’s new album – I’m the producer on 9 of the songs

Christmas Carols- Recordings

[2013-09-30 21:20:03]


 I have been recently working on a new CD for Izabela Kopeć, scheduled for release December of this year.(Recordings at the Recording Studio of Polish Radio in Katowice). The Album features polish Christmas Carols with my arrangements for mezzosoprano, two choirs, chamber ensemble. I’m also producing the CD.

Name that Tune

[2013-04-22 00:16:53]

 In December of 2012 I became the musical director of quiz show "Name that tune". I hope everyone likes what they hear. Tune in.

Mądrość z Natury

[2012-11-07 23:10:27]


On 23 October, a book including an audio-book entitled “Wisdom from Nature” went on sale. It is a collection of seven fairy tales written by Michał Zawadka, read by well-known artists (actors, vocalists), including: Robert Janowski, Joanna Jabłczyńska, Karolina Gruszka, Cezary Pazura, Maciej Stuhr, Krystyna Czubówna, Piotr Adamczyk. I provided the score. The fairy tales are supplemented by a song entitled "Dreamy Ball", sung by Robert Janowski. The book is available from all major music stores and bookstores. More information at: www.madroscznatury.pl

Lukasz Zagrobelny-"Symphnically"

[2012-11-07 23:09:38]


On 28 September 2012 in the Polish Radio’s W. Lutosławski Studio a concert entitled “Łukasz Zagrobelny Symphonically” took place. Apart from the soloist, performers included guests: Grażyna Łobaszewska, Natalia Kukulska and Karolina Kozak, as well as a rhythm section composed of: Piotr Wrombel (piano), Marcin Murawski (bass), Fryderyk Młynarski (drums), and the Polish Symphonic Orchestra. We presented 12 songs from the discography of Łukasz, all in my arrangements and under my baton. The concert was broadcast by Polish Radio’s Programme One.

Opole - SuperPremiery

[2012-06-07 15:03:51]

After concert: SuperPremiery 2012. Click for more...

OPOLE 2012

[2012-06-01 20:50:22]

 June 2nd – SuperPremier Concert at KFPP Opole 2012. We’re playing a song from Janusz Radek’s latest album, “Z ust do ust,” which I produced and arranged. Watch live on TV or in person at the Opole Amphitheater. You can also vote!…..More....

Izabela Kopeć - New CD

[2012-05-28 01:56:57]

 Starting today(28 th Mai), the CD "Izabela Kopeć - Show me your tango", with my arrangements will be available between other  at Empik stories. More...


[2012-04-29 10:59:21]

  The song by Janusz Radek, "Ukochana, żegnam cię (Goodbye My Beloved)", qualified for the competition SuperPremiery. The competition will take place during the National Polish Song Festival Opole 2012. The song comes from Radek's newest CD, on which I had the pleasure to be the musical producer and arranger.  Please tune in to TVP 1, June 2nd, 20:30. More...

Janusz Radek - New CD

[2012-03-06 23:25:45]

 Starting today(6 th March), the CD "Janusz Radek - Z ust do ust", wich I have produced will be available at Empik stories. More...

Robert Janowski - New CD

[2011-12-17 17:03:04]

 I have been recently working on a new CD for Robert Janowski, scheduled for release March of next year. The Album features polish rock compositions and lyrics with my swing- arrangements. I’m also producing the entire CD.

Grease - musical

[2011-10-26 00:25:03]

From Thrursday (27 th of October) until Sunday (30 th of October), I will conduct musical "Grease" at the Theater in Gdynia.....more...

Musical -

[2011-08-19 21:51:42]

Rehearsals for the musical, "I love You"(oryg.: I love you You're perfect Now Change") . The show premieres in Warsaw, on September 22nd at the World Expo 2010.  I will play the piano during the performance. More info


[2011-07-20 23:25:04]

Holiday - Croatia, Tenerife, and a little bit music.....!


[2011-05-11 09:06:42]

 May 6th, 2011

Today was the premiere of ‘Grease’ at the Musical Theater in Gdynia. I wanted to thank  the director, the choreographer,  the actors, the musicians and the costume designers for their wonderful collaboration.  I hope you all will visit the theater and have some fun in the spirit of rock and roll. More info can be found here: 

A little bit rest....

[2011-02-21 01:43:41]

4 days with wife in the south of  France(Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo)

"Grease" - Musical

[2011-02-12 19:56:14]
I have just begun work on the score for the "Grease" musical. I am music director of the show. The show premieres April 30th, 2011, in Gdynia Musical Theatre.

Jazz Sonatas

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[2010-11-28 01:12:38]

The new CD: "Jazz Sonatas - Paweł Gusnar/Tomasz Filipczak" is available at the music stories. read more

Irena Santor - new CD

[2010-11-15 21:35:46]

Starting today(15 th October), the CD "Irena Santor - Kręci mnie ten świat", wich I have produced with Krzysztof Herdzin, will be available at Empik stories. read more

Janusz Radek - New CD

[2010-10-05 16:50:24]
Starting in one day(8 th October), the CD "Janusz Radek "Gdzieś-po-między" will be available at Empik stories. http://januszradek.pl/gdzies-po-miedzy

24 th September - 70 th Anniversary of Gustav Brom Big Band

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[2010-09-27 00:33:20]
I wrote three arrangements for The Gustav Brom Big Band. Conert took place on September 24 at the Laser Show Hall in Brno.


[2010-09-09 16:00:33]
Festival is finished! We played 3 concerts: "Debiuty" "Serialowy Przebój Lata", "Piosenka jest dobra na wszystko".I would like to thank the musicians of the orchestra for their professionalism !!!


[2010-07-07 07:47:36]
I’ll be spending the next two weeks in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Switzerland.

OPOLE 2010

[2010-07-07 07:47:18]
First meeting with the participants in the Polish Music Competition OPOLE. I am the music director for concert Debiuty.

Janusz Radek - New CD

[2010-07-07 07:46:56]
I have been recently working on a new CD for Janusz Radek, scheduled for release October of this year. The Album features Janusz’s compositions and lyrics with my arrangements. I’m also producing the entire CD.

Irena Santor Album

[2010-07-07 07:46:34]
Working on Polish singing star Irena Santor’s new album – I’m the producer on 7 of the songs.

18-22. May 2010 -China/ Shanghai

[2010-07-07 00:17:45]
Show "Let's dance Chopin" at the World Expo 2010.

April/May 2010 - Rehersals

[2010-07-07 00:17:29]
Rehearsals for the new show, Let's dance Chopin. The show premieres in Shanghai, China, on May 22nd at the World Expo 2010. The cast includes a full symphony orchestra and a rhythm section. I arranged the Study Gb Major by F.Chopin. I will play the piano during the performance.

April 8th, 2010, Metropolish - Musical

[2010-07-07 00:17:05]
I have just finished recording for the new show, Metropolish. I arranged all pieces and composed one of the songs. The show premieres May 19th, 2010, in Bialystok.

Januar 19th, 2010 Platinum Record - Robert Janowski - "Song.pl"

[2010-07-07 00:16:44]
CD Robert Janowski - "Song.pl" for which I was a producer, achieved platinum record status

January 8th, 2010 Monte Carlo

[2010-07-07 00:16:22]

December 9th, 2009 Recordings

[2010-07-07 00:16:06]
I play the piano on the original motion-picture soundtrack for "Back in your arms", music by Antoni Lazarkiewicz.

November 29th, 2009 "Dancing with the Stars" Finale

[2010-07-07 00:15:47]
A few of my musical arrangements were played in the latest episode of "Dancing with the Stars" (as well as in the other episodes of the 10th edition and in the earlier editions). Among them were "Bailando", "Niech zyje bal","Frozen" and a few others.

October 29th, 2009 Recordings

[2010-07-07 00:15:22]
For the last few days I have been recording the sonatas of Phil Woods, Ramon Ricker and Bill Dobbins together with Pawel Gusnar (saxophone).

October 25th, 2009 Concert: Landscape Without You

[2010-07-07 00:15:05]
I am taking part in the "Landscape Without You" concert as a conductor for the song "Before spring comes" performed by Janusz Radek. On the TV November 1st, 2009 (channel 2TVP).

October 24th, 2009 Gold Record - Janusz Radek

[2010-07-07 00:14:43]
CD "Janusz Radek - Opowiesc Niemenem", for which I was a producer, achieved gold record status.

October 11th, 2009 Pope’s concert - Krakowskie Przedmiescie

[2010-07-07 00:14:23]
On Sunday, October 11th, there is going to be a "Pope's Concert". I will play in the orchestra. Janusz Radek will perform a piece that I arranged.

October 3rd, 2009 Footloose - Gdynia

[2010-07-07 00:14:05]
3rd and 4th of October - Musical Theater in Gdynia - I am conducting Footloose, for which I wrote arrangements 3 years ago.

September 24th, 2009 Janusz Radek - CD premiere

[2010-07-07 00:13:49]
Starting tomorrow (25th of September) the CD "Janusz Radek - Opowiesc Niemenem" will be available at Empik stores. There will be two versions available: live concert and a 2-CD album containing live concert and 6 additional studio songs (vocal accompanied by piano).

Janusz Radek - Album

[2010-07-07 00:13:20]
The work on Janusz Radek's album is practically over. It contains a recording of a concert entitled "Janusz Radek "The Niemen Story", held on 8 May 2009 in Bielsko Biala. As a bonus, it contains 6 additional pieces by Czeslaw Niemen, which we (Janusz Radek any myself on the piano) recorded in Studio S4 in June.

Film Festival

[2010-07-07 00:13:03]
I have just begun work on the score for the opening of the prizes presentation ceremony at the Film Festival in Gdynia. The event is directed by Krzysztof Materna, and the choreography is the work of Jaroslaw Staniek. I invite television viewers to watch the ceremony in September.


[2010-07-07 00:12:44]
Two of my arrangements, "Bo z dziewczynami", performed by Jerzy Polomski, and "Pust wsiegda budiet solnce", performed by Natasza Urbanska, will be performed at the Top Trendy Festival on 27 July


[2010-07-07 00:12:25]
The Festival has come and gone. The Debuts Concert may not have attracted a huge audience (broadcast at 11.30 p.m.), but the songs presented by our bands and solo singers have demonstrated that we have talented young people. The remaining concerts in which I participated, turned out as planned, i.e. very well. I would like to thank all the musicians collaborating with me for the excellent atmosphere and beautiful sounds!!!

OPOLE 2009

[2010-07-07 00:11:37]
Rehearsals are taking place before the Opole Song Festival. This year, I am in charge of the music for the "Debuts" concert to be shown on TVP1 at 11.00 p.m. Besides, I participate in the remaining concerts as a musician. I invite television viewers and the audience at the Opole Amphitheatre.

Jennifer Rush Concert

[2010-07-07 00:11:18]
On 3 May in Plac Teatralny a concert was given by Jennifer Rush. We played 6 songs in my arrangements. The music was played by the National Philharmonic Orchestra and the rhythm section consisting of Bartek Jakubiec, Michał Grott, Adam Kram, Bogusz Wekka and myself. The back-up singers were Irena Kijewska and Ewelina Kordy..

III.2010 Dancers

[2010-07-07 00:10:44]
I have just finished writing two pieces for the "Dancers" serial, shown on TVP since 4 April.